2018/19 SEASON TICKETS: While the 2018/19 early bird deadline has now passed, you can STILL apply for your 2018/19 SEASON TICKET TODAY!

Thank you to everyone who has applied for a 2018-19 Season Ticket so far, securing their applications at the early bird price.

With over 1500 applications received it’s another bumper year for Season Ticket sales.  We’re working hard to get through the applications to confirm seats for everyone but as this is a manual process, we would ask that anyone who has still to receive a confirmation email bears with us during this time.  If you haven’t received anything before 31 May, please get in touch with us but we’re confident that all confirmations will be sent out before then as we’re already one-third of the way through.

Season Ticket application forms were first available at our game on Sunday, 11 March and we are currently working on those received at our game on Friday, 23 March.  All applications are date-stamped upon receipt to allow us to work through them in chronological order.  If we received your form before 23 March, you should have received either an email or telephone call from our team.

We’re still accepting Season Ticket application until 30 June and you can download the form herefor anyone who still wishes to apply.

Thank you for your fantastic support for the forthcoming season!